Monday, March 28, 2011

Not bad news....not exactly good news either

So here's a little taste of Murphy's Law for ya.....
We were in a funeral procession today. The last car in fact. And my coat starts buzzing. Little did I know, The Hubbs threw his cell phone in my pocket at the church. And now it's ringing. While reaching to get it I said "watch that be the Colorado job!". The Hubbs takes a look at his phone and goes "holy crap it's blah-blah-blah area code!!!!!!". I'm typing it like that because obviously I had no friggin CLUE where blah-blah-blah area code was at the time(or now even since I can't remember it! LOL). Indeed it was from California where he had gone to interview a week and a half ago. WOOT! But we're driving...and The Hubbs has no "hands free" device to answer the phone with. On top of that, we were the last car in the procession which holds the responsibility of flashing your hazards, zipping through red lights trying to catch up to the rest of the line, and waving to all the lovely Jersey drivers flipping us off to thank them for letting us through for a funeral! Whew....exhausting really.
Luckily the woman who called left a message for us to listen to on the way. It went a little something like this...."This is so and so from blah blah company calling to give you a status update on the field service position available. Please call us at your earliest convenience." Immediately I watch my other half's shoulders drop. While the woman was very friendly in her message, the words "status update" led him to believe they had gone over the candidates, chosen one, had one accept their terms, and hired them and were now calling to inform him of all that. After all, the manager would call him to offer the position....not an HR representative. Right? So this probably wasn't good. And now that horrible sinking feeling settled into both of our stomachs. UGH. We arrive at the cemetery at the end of the line and there's a brief wait. Suddenly the windows are being rolled up and The Hubbs is dialing the phone with speed and gusto. He was not about to wait any longer. THANK GOD! Because I am incredibly kind of impatient. So he called and the woman from HR answered right away. She is very sweet on the phone. Likable even though she might be about to deliver very disappointing news to us. She opened up the conversation with a very hopeful voice asking "are you still interested in the position?" WHEW. If she was about to tell him he didn't get the job, this woman was a whole new kind of evil after asking that question!!! My poised hubby answered perfectly saying how he was excited about the opportunity and definitely still interested. He has a grace with words that just eludes me. And it's nice to hear him speak on a professional level. I've always worked with burping, farting, or at least armpit farting it's refreshing to hear the "other" side. haha  Once she heard that he was still interested the tone of her voice changed a bit, almost sounding like relief. This is a good sign, I'm thinking. Or maybe just psyching myself up even higher?! You say potAto I say potato. She begins telling The Hubbs how they have two more interviews they are committed to this week and then that is all of them, but that he is a wonderful candidate and made a great impression all around. She thanked him for being so flexible throughout this process and almost sounded apoligetic to him that they were interviewing anyone else. Her wording "we're committed to these interviews" almost sounded like....we have to do it even though we want to hire you. The Hubbs reiterated to her that he is currently employed so it's not like he's living in a cardboard box with no income until he hears from them(he said this in a much more refined way of course) but that he looks forward to the opportunity to speak with them again. She then threw out another time line(AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) of a week to a week and a half that we would hear from them "either way". Which translates to 3 weeks the way they move.
Needless to say, we were pretty relieved with the phone call. And I still have a good feeling about the whole thing. Lets hope my gut doesn't let us down!
So we play the waiting game again. If anyone knows of a pro/semi pro team that we can join to play the waiting game..............we've gotten pretty damn good at it! Always have a back up plan!!

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  1. We were the 2nd car was cut off a few times! Keep us posted on the jobby job