Monday, March 28, 2011

Not bad news....not exactly good news either

So here's a little taste of Murphy's Law for ya.....
We were in a funeral procession today. The last car in fact. And my coat starts buzzing. Little did I know, The Hubbs threw his cell phone in my pocket at the church. And now it's ringing. While reaching to get it I said "watch that be the Colorado job!". The Hubbs takes a look at his phone and goes "holy crap it's blah-blah-blah area code!!!!!!". I'm typing it like that because obviously I had no friggin CLUE where blah-blah-blah area code was at the time(or now even since I can't remember it! LOL). Indeed it was from California where he had gone to interview a week and a half ago. WOOT! But we're driving...and The Hubbs has no "hands free" device to answer the phone with. On top of that, we were the last car in the procession which holds the responsibility of flashing your hazards, zipping through red lights trying to catch up to the rest of the line, and waving to all the lovely Jersey drivers flipping us off to thank them for letting us through for a funeral! Whew....exhausting really.
Luckily the woman who called left a message for us to listen to on the way. It went a little something like this...."This is so and so from blah blah company calling to give you a status update on the field service position available. Please call us at your earliest convenience." Immediately I watch my other half's shoulders drop. While the woman was very friendly in her message, the words "status update" led him to believe they had gone over the candidates, chosen one, had one accept their terms, and hired them and were now calling to inform him of all that. After all, the manager would call him to offer the position....not an HR representative. Right? So this probably wasn't good. And now that horrible sinking feeling settled into both of our stomachs. UGH. We arrive at the cemetery at the end of the line and there's a brief wait. Suddenly the windows are being rolled up and The Hubbs is dialing the phone with speed and gusto. He was not about to wait any longer. THANK GOD! Because I am incredibly kind of impatient. So he called and the woman from HR answered right away. She is very sweet on the phone. Likable even though she might be about to deliver very disappointing news to us. She opened up the conversation with a very hopeful voice asking "are you still interested in the position?" WHEW. If she was about to tell him he didn't get the job, this woman was a whole new kind of evil after asking that question!!! My poised hubby answered perfectly saying how he was excited about the opportunity and definitely still interested. He has a grace with words that just eludes me. And it's nice to hear him speak on a professional level. I've always worked with burping, farting, or at least armpit farting it's refreshing to hear the "other" side. haha  Once she heard that he was still interested the tone of her voice changed a bit, almost sounding like relief. This is a good sign, I'm thinking. Or maybe just psyching myself up even higher?! You say potAto I say potato. She begins telling The Hubbs how they have two more interviews they are committed to this week and then that is all of them, but that he is a wonderful candidate and made a great impression all around. She thanked him for being so flexible throughout this process and almost sounded apoligetic to him that they were interviewing anyone else. Her wording "we're committed to these interviews" almost sounded like....we have to do it even though we want to hire you. The Hubbs reiterated to her that he is currently employed so it's not like he's living in a cardboard box with no income until he hears from them(he said this in a much more refined way of course) but that he looks forward to the opportunity to speak with them again. She then threw out another time line(AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) of a week to a week and a half that we would hear from them "either way". Which translates to 3 weeks the way they move.
Needless to say, we were pretty relieved with the phone call. And I still have a good feeling about the whole thing. Lets hope my gut doesn't let us down!
So we play the waiting game again. If anyone knows of a pro/semi pro team that we can join to play the waiting game..............we've gotten pretty damn good at it! Always have a back up plan!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock I don't actually hear a clock ticking, it's more like the theme song to Jeopardy. We have yet to hear from this company about the job. Ugh. I KNEW this would happen. They are less than expedient about getting back to people. But come ON!!!! Don't they understand that our lives have been on hold for soooooooooooo long and this one phone call could throw us into action?! No, I suppose they don't. But still! A little common courtesy of timelyness shouldn't be so much to ask for.
Instead, The Hubbs is wearing a path deep into the living room carpet and now the hardwood floors with his pacing. And I think I'm developing a blister from "refreshing" our Inbox to see if there's a new email waiting for us. Because they're going to email him?! That's ridiculous, I know. But when powerless, it's all I can come up with!
Every time one of his phones(yes, he has two cell phones) ring, my heart skips a little beat. It even did it when MY phone rang yesterday. Because again, if they don't email him with an offer.....clearly they'll just call ME directly?!
Good thing I don't have my hopes up high or anything. Cuz that would really suck!
In other news, The Hubbs hemmed and hawed yesterday until he finally up and did our taxes. I am 100% not capable of such things. So I give him a shit-ton(heh heh) of credit! He seriously sits down, starts them, and finishes them less than 2 hours later! I don't understand? I swear I used to witness my folks sitting down to do their taxes with a tax guy(this is why I don't touch our finances...."tax guy"?!) for days. Maybe even a week! I remember not being able to go into the kitchen for said days or week because of the 5' tall stacks of paper, ie: receipts, bills, other crap that was important. Thinking back, I don't know if we were even fed during tax season? Oh well. Anyway, ours are done! WHEW! One less thing to pace about....if pacing happens to be your thing ;)
We are also in the process of getting a new vehicle for the crew. The Raging Rhino is just too ginormous for this tiny family of 5 plus 2 dogs. Ok, it's really not that bad, but it gets about 2 miles to the gallon. And with gas prices closing in on $4 a gallon, we'll be able to afford maybe a really big box to house us all if we keep this giant van. van. Oh how I loathe those 2 words together! I guess I've always had it in my head that I was too cool for a mini van. I'd rather a diesel pick up with an extended cab. But that's just me I guess. And we'd both have to work, and at least one of the kids too, to afford the gas for that. So mini van, here we come!!!
I'll be sure to update as soon as we hear from The Company. Which better be today, or I'm going to have to tap into our savings for some new area rugs!
Is that my phone?????
Gotta run

Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Have I Been....Part 2

Now, between work, school, playdates, hiking, geochaching(our newest, most fun thing to do as a family!), baking, St Patty's Day(ouch), and just life in general........things are moving forward for us, and quickly! We have it in our minds and hearts that we want to live elsewhere. The rat race around here is just out of control! And we are very outdoorsy people, which isn't always easy to do when you live in Northern NJ, a hop skip and a jump away from New York City. We want to live by mountains, and rivers, and lakes and just.....nature. Not highway after highway....McMansion after McMansion. We've always felt this way. I lived in Colorado for two years. The Hubbs flew out there to drive me home so we could start our lives together, and he fell in love with the place! I remember standing next to him around 1am shivering my arse off because we stepped outside to smoke(I have trouble remembering the days when we smoked?! We both quit over 5 years ago.) and the awe on his face when he looked at the sky. It was alive with stars! Stars you just can't see where we live because of all the lights around here. But in the middle of the mountains, you can see every single one of them and it's breathtaking. We didn't have much time out there to tour around together, but he's been back since for work meetings and loves every part of the state! Sadly, I couldn't join him on that trip because........GUESS?!?!?! Yep, I was pregnant. :) A piece of my heart and his stayed in Colorado. And in the back of our heads(okay maybe not the back....we've always talked about it) we've always known we'd love to end up there. And throughout the years, he's kept his employer aware that if a transfer came up, to let him know because we'd consider anywhere other than Jersey at this point. And while we haven't actively made the move toward Colorado, we've always known, we'd get there. Our hearts fill with joy that our kids will be able to grow up in that environment! And over the past couple of weekends, we've taken the kids on some ridiculously long hikes for toddlers and they were totally in their element. This just confirms our belief that these little gnomes will love the lifestyle that WE do. I could easily see our oldest son getting into Wildlife Management or something like that. And our daughter, well, she might just go live with wolves?! The two of them are becoming master deer trackers, pointing out every single pile of "deer poop" along the way and even starting to recognize other signs that deer have been around. It's awesome to watch. Even Child 3 was very content to hang out in a backpack for 2 hours at a pop as long as we fed him regularly!
So this past Thursday, St Patty's Day, I drove The Hubbs to the airport where he left to fly to California to interview at corporate offices for a job based in Colorado. We are super excited! The interview went well, and now it's just a waiting game to hear from the company. But I have a feeling about this time. I feel like this is it for us. It's finally going to happen! I know it's not practical to have my hopes up this high, but I'm actually nervous about it too. Because my feeling is so strong, I'm also hit with all the reservations about moving as well. The wonderful family and friends we'll be leaving behind. Although I know we are all very capable of travelling from here to there, it's not always in the cards for one reason or another. And that sucks. But the thought of raising my kids in a place that doesn't make us happy, where we can't make ends meet, makes me sick to my stomach. So travel we will! All of our lavish European vacations will be replaced by RV trip across the US stopping at every World's Largest Ball of Yarn or Bottle Of Ketchup along the way. We don't ever go on lavish European adventures, so we certainly wouldn't be sacrificing anything there.And I'd love for our kids to have a rich sense of their country. I sure don't. I've been to Disney World and that's about it! I'm not complaining, they were wonderful family vacations full of fun and fantasy. But I've never even been to a National Park!! I want to explore all these things alongside our kids....Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills, The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and every other place along the way!
Cheers to adventure!
I'll keep you posted on the job/move.

Where Have I Been??

No really? Why is it that I feel like I just posted on here? Time flies when you have little ones, I suppose. March has been a wickedly busy month for us so far. In a good way. And quite frankly, I can't even believe it's almost over?! How does that happen??? My last post was sharing a link to my friend's blog. But the one before that was almost 2 weeks ago! I had mentioned how The Hubbs and I haven't really had any time(over the past 4/5 years) to concentrate on just us. And it was time to turn that around a bit. And that Friday( I think), we went out on a date. It was a total surprise to him! Which is basically what I LIVE for. I'm totally one of those people that wishes I had billions of dollars to get everyone around me exactly what they want......the search for the perfect present is one I love. Anyway, I set it up with our friend that she would come by once the minis were already in bed, because.....well....isn't that just easier on everyone involved? I love this girl dearly. And we are very fortunate to not have to pay for our sitters! Oh don't you worry....I feed them well :) And this one person in particular, has become family to us. WHICH by the way, is a double edged sword. Where I trust her with my kids, my dogs, my house and everything else........she's also become a staple at our family gatherings and parties!!! SO, when it comes to needing someone to watch the kids when we're going out with all our friends/family, we're screwed because our sitters are right there partying with us! LOL  Eh, the hassle of finding someone else to watch the kids is totally worth the friendships we've built over the past couple of years. SO, it was dinnertime here and I was serving up a "gourmet" DiGiorno frozen pizza for the kids and The Hubbs was giving me a sideways glance like..."where's my food?". So I kind of had to bust the surprise at that point so he knew he would indeed be eating sometime in the near future. Kids fed, check. Baths, check. Shower for me and clean clothes put on, check. EYE MAKEUP(oh yeah baby!!!), check. This was a date after all! Kids in bed, check. Sitter over, check. Her approval of my outfit(yep.....I SO need this these days!), check. And out the door we went to a little BYOB Italian restaurant that my sister-in-law gave us a gift certificate to back in November for our birthdays. We picked up a bottle of wine for us, and one for the sitter for when we got home so we could all hang out. When we were seated, I have to tell you honestly, I almost felt giddy about us being on a date. We have gone out before since having kids, but I'm usually pregnant or something. This time was just different. We ate like pigs KINGS and stuffed ourselves like we couldn't even believe. We had no problems polishing off two appetizers, salads, 1/2 of our entrees(doggy bags ROCK), the bottle of red and about 14 glasses of water! I insisted on dessert. Solely for the fact that I didn't have to bake it and um.......I LOVE dessert! Can we say lava cake?! YES!!! And much to our surprise, the waiter brought over complimentary shots of Sambuca for each of us. Wow! Now THIS was a date we could appreciate. Food, glorious food, and drink! As we were waiting for the check, secretly wishing we could unbutton our top buttons without strange looks from other restaurants goers, I text the sitter to let her know we were settling the bill and would be home soon. To which I got the response "Home? Go enjoy your date night! Go dancing the night away!". Can you see why we love her so much?! She was at our house studying for a report she had to write for college. To which I attribute her temporary amnesia of who she was talking to............we don't dance. Clearly her brain was fogged with college stuff(such an overachiever) and after I responded "dancing? US?", she came back with "silly me.....go to a bar and go shot for shot..IT'S DATE NIGHT!" She's the best! However, those days are long gone and instead we chose to come home and hang out with her over a few drinks. She tried to bolt out the door so we could have "alone time" but we assured her that would only lead to more work for her in the end if another kid were to come of it! Needless to say, she stuck around for a few drinks and some deep(and not so deep) discussion. We have a little running joke that she's never left our house before 1am. But I'm pretty sure even on the nights where none of us could tell time, she's right! Anything before 1am is too early when with good friends anyway.
Ever want someone to just be around you all the time? Yeah, it's like that. We are truly lucky for the people around us.
In the interest of this not being the longest post EVER......I'll write a part 2.

Friday, March 18, 2011

One of my dearest on and you'll KNOW why :)

This was today's post from one of my best buds in Colorado!! I love her dearly. And after reading her post(you MUST check out the rest of her blog...she is FABULOUS) you'll know why she and I get along so well! And's not solely for our affinity towards the F bomb!!! Click on the link below :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

House For Sale/Rent **Indoor Pool**

Good LORD it's been raining like I can't even believe here! After a fun day out with the minis and my Mother In Law yesterday, I realized we should have stopped at Home Depot in our travels for some wood to start building an ark! All the surrounding areas have major flooding. Some of the highways are even closed.
(I'll work backwards today....something different)
I am drinking my coffee, blogging, listening to the minis play and the humming sound of the wet-vac going in the basement/indoor pool where The Hubbs is working on sucking up all the water that flooded in yesterday. I knew this was imminent after taking a look-see outside around 12:30am right before going to bed. After a couple of beers, and staying up WAY past my bedtime, I couldn't quite figure out why my backyard was swaying? I didn't drink THAT much. So I turned the outside lights on to reveal that about 5 inches of water was just pooling in our yard and it was still raining. Hmmmmm.......and I wonder why I had to drag the dogs out to do their business?! Maybe they don't like the splashback? Either way, I did peek in the basement just to make sure that nothing of major importance was on the floor(because obviously that's where we put the important things!) and as soon as I opened the door, I could see the water at the bottom of the stairs. Yikes. Good thing I've been in anti-hoarder mode lately! Just yesterday I had about 10 large black garbage bags filled with crapola that no one uses, hauled away by the garbage men. Most of it from the basement floor! It REALLY would have sucked having to throw it all out when it was sopping wet. So yay for me!
The reason I was up so late was because I spent 7 hours OUT of the house with the minis! Yes, my wonderful Mother In Law was with us, and Yes we had a great day! (It's always an adventure when we get together!) However....holy exhausting Batman. It's one thing to be with the kids all day in their own environment. But a whole 'nother ball game when you're out and about with them. I now know why they exist and completely CONDONE the use of those "kid leashes". Especially when your outnumbered. And I'll say this, my kids are pretty good! They have manners and overall listen pretty well. So I can't even imagine it they didn't. Well......I just wouldn't leave the house with them I guess? But after a couple of hours in a store with them, I was ready to go straight to bed. My eldest has been begging to go to Grandma's lately, so after running around Ikea, my Mother In Law and I basically pretended we were in Sweden for the afternoon....meatballs and chocolate and lingdonberry sauce and giant blonde baby(Child 3).....we dropped Girl Scout cookies off to both my brothers-in-law and headed to her house to waste the evening away. Unfortunately, I forgot to stop at the liquor store first. Because as we pulled up to her house the debauchery began. The two littlest minis were fast asleep in their carseats. My Mom In Law got out first in the torrential downpour to run up and unlock the door. Child 1 unbuckled his seatbelt and was coming to the front of the van to follow Grandma, when the baby woke up coughing, followed quickly by puking, then puking again, and once more for good measure. That's his super power you see, when he's sick...and mucusy(I know that's not a real word)he coughs, and pukes. Awesome! I'm looking at the huge, wet pile of swedish meatballs and animal crackers wondering why I didn't just go home. I tell Child 1 "tell Grandma the baby puked, I'll be in in a few minutes" and help him out of the van to go into the house. Believe it or not, this puking event is not even the icing on the cake yet! The evening slowly(ok, not so slowly) degenerated from there. I mopped up Child 3 as best as possible and carried him into the house where he was quickly bathed by Grandma! Whew! Did I have spare clothes? Negatory. You'd think since he's my THIRD CHILD, I would have learned by now. What can I say? I'm slow I guess. I did manage to find a hoodie floating(not literally) in the van that fit him so he walked around Grandma's house in that and a diaper for the remainder of our visit. While he was getting cleaned up, I woke up Child 2 from her lovely little car nap and carried her and our 18 bags of child crap(not one of which had a clean outfit for my "little" man)into the house. I'm immediately nervous for the resident cats. My kids were raised with 2 Rottweiller mutts who are pretty resilient, and ridable! They love animals and are quite convinced that all animals should love them back. Including these poor Ragdolls that they stalk the whole time we're there. I'm pretty sure the cats don't love them back. They're beautiful, long haired cats that were raised in a home that no children live in(lucky). And even though kids are in and out of the house all the time, the cats have a safe haven(the bedroom) where they can retreat to when danger aka KIDS arrive! Did I mention their long flowy locks? Did I mention I'm allergic to cats? LOL Now in my past, I've only really had a problem if I touched a cat and then my face. However, when you have 3 little ankle biters rolling around on the floor like friggin lint brushes and then jumping on your are destined to have at least one cat hair fly up into your sinuses. It did.....along with many of it's friends I'm sure. Because I almost gave myself a hernia and almost pee'd myself from sneezing. Let me mention here, that this is a very touchy subject with my Mom In Law. She feels personally responsible for my allergies. This kind of cracks me up a little. And had we been spending the entire day there, I probably would have popped a Claritin or something, but I usually don't expect to be in that rough of shape after only a couple of hours! Anyway, it was funny to watch her cringe every time I sneezed. Which was a LOT! I even made her turn to wine!! At one point I'm pretty sure she was going to recommend that I snort some just to kill the allergens in my sinuses, but she resisted the urge. The only reason I mention the allergy issue, is because it added insult to injury when it came to managing the minis. Every time I went to speak/yell/chase them, I had to sneeze....leading to me having to cross my legs so I didn't wet my pants....then snot would be flying out of my nose while I was trying to discipline them, which in turn, led to them laughing at me instead of running in fear. Ugh. It's very hard to be effective when you're near wetting your pants and your nose is dripping. So there's a little FYI for ya! Grandma insisted on feeding them since I'm pretty sure she could see I was close to waving the white flag for the day. The entire time before dinner was served, my older two were wreaking havoc similar to the prior week's events and Child 3 was in every drawer, cabinet, nook, cranny, and other place that a one year old shouldn't be. So I had to police the entire house from his little exploratory digits while attempting(and failing miserably)at handling the others. Eventually I just sat on the stoop by the kitchen. This is about the time that the water was put on the stove to boil. My Mother In Law is very perceptive! So the kids were fed. They were ornery at the table. And I finally decided we'd tortured poor Grandma enough for the day, it was time to pack up. I wisely decided to get the older two out first with all our bags then come back for the baby. It was raining after all. No need to try to get all three out in one shot. I handed Child 1 his raincoat, and while Grandma was helping Child 2 with hers, she noticed a not-so-pleasant smell wafting up. Did I mention I couldn't smell at this point? So I went to change her before loading them into the van and she protested saying "I want Grandma to change me!". I'm SO sure Grandma really wanted that task, but like the wonderful person she is, she said "of course I'll change your diaper!" and went about her business. You didn't think this would be without event did you? Once all wiped and a new diaper was almost on her tiny hiney....Child 2 says "I peed". So I'm thinking she pee'd on the floor or something. We go to check and sure enough, it's not PEE. It's remnants of the OTHER stuff that was just removed. And it's on the rug....and on the outside of the fresh new diaper....and on the back of her hand. EW! So now I'm cleaning the rug, while she's cleaning her hand and we're both trying to put humpty dumpty back together again. I throw Child 2's raincoat on and start heading out the door to put them in the van when we realize the baby is nowhere in sight. No big deal. How much trouble could he possibly get into? That's when I heard the shriek from my Mother In Law and the splashing which was Child 3 having a blast "fishing" in the toilet. Of course! Van loaded, tires squealing away. Phew! At least ONE of us will have a little peace and quiet. Child 2 sang the entire ride home. I didn't expect The Hubbs to be home when I got there, what a pleasant surprise! I felt the weight come off my shoulders when I saw his truck at the house. It was only a matter of time that they'd all be in their beds sleeping. Whew! I couldn't even text my Mother In Law thanking her for a fun day....which I did was the night that turned to poop(literally). I just barely had the energy to pop the top off my beer and pour it into a glass before crashing on the couch for the night. Thank God for tiny bursts of energy throughout the evening to refill my glass. Because The Hubbs fell asleep on the other couch pretty early. I had to fend for myself!
Cheers to a dry weekend folks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Now I know this doesn't give me the happiest of feelings. But I search for it on YouTube every once in a while and it takes me the better part of an hour to find it. SO....I'm posting it. Not necessarily for YOU, but so I can view it, without the hour-long search.
Music moves me.
Nothing like it moves these people! But my soul dances.

UGH...this site is giving me a hard time posting the link, so just copy and paste's totally worth your time :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm

So hell week is over. Kind of. The kids are still going through whatever it is they're going through. But it seems to be on the upswing at least. Maybe it's just the combination of being sick and the end of winter-beginning of Spring cabin fever thing? I don't know, and quite frankly, I'm tired of talking about it. LOL
We had a birthday party to go to yesterday afternoon. And by the time we came home last night, all 3 kids were passed out and placed gently into their beds(where we changed them into jammies and they totally slept through the whole process!!!). Then we each took a breath of fresh air. Ahhhhhhhhh. Quiet time. We were beyond exhausted, but were up for watching some DVR'd tv together. Oh....and I made a snack because we all know how easy it is to actually EAT when you're juggling 3 kids at a party. Not so much.
We sat on the couch...the same couch and actually had some US time where we weren't doing anything else but just sitting with each other watching tv. And you wanna know the weird part? It was awkward. Not uncomfortable by any means. And maybe awkward is the wrong word? But I realized that it had been SO long that we had any time to just concentrate on US. And last night was one of the first times I can remember in a LONG while that we did that. It was almost foreign. We've been baby making/raising machines for the past 5 years and that has been all consuming. Now that the littlest of our clan is a year old, I think it's time to step back and take care of US....the US that started all of this. We love each other. There's no doubt about that. But we certainly haven't made our relationship any sort of priority recently. We're either too tired, too busy, too occupied with something else....the list could go on I'm sure. I would imagine most young couples in "family growing" mode go through this. But when you sit back and analyze it(like I just did while doing laundry)'s pretty scary to think that all the feelings and all the love that started this family, have been put on the back burner.
Anyway.......I'm on it! Time to resurrect the relationship that used to make other people envious.
Yay....a new project!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Throwback Night?!

So I guess we were feeling a little delirious nostalgic last night and when someone(we seriously have no idea which kid was making noise) started the dreaded noise, we brought the baby into our room to sleep in the Pack N Play. After all, it's been a while since a baby slept in our room! Let me say this, whoever coined the phrase "slept like a baby" should be caned in public. If I'm not mistaken, that phrase is meant to describe a blissful, uninterrupted sleep? Not the kind that REAL babies have when they move every 3 1/2 minutes? Whatever. Even with an extra person in the room, I managed to get more sleep last night than I have in the last 4 days combined. WOOT! The dogs were even kind enough to turn their fart dials down to about 6 last night so we weren't woken up constantly gasping for breath. They DO love us!!
I did the unmentionable yesterday and kept my sweet Angel of a daughter up from her nap even though she barely slept the night before. I earned my cape yesterday, that's for sure. So at brinnertime(I served another gourmet meal of eggs, bacon, and bagels ie: Brinner-Breakfast for dinner) she actually fell asleep in her chair. If it weren't for the bacon(she's a disturbing carnivore)she probably wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes. But she couldn't resist chomping of a few slices. Once she passed out, I carried her up to her bed, changed her, and didn't hear from her again for another 13 hours. Tired much?! Well, I may have heard from her, but it wasn't anything that warranted a visit to their bedroom for attention, only to snatch the baby from his crib and bring him to our quiet, not as smelly as usual, bedroom. And right now she's happy as a clam in her Cruella Deville coat wearing no pants watching Bubble Guppies on tv. Joy to the World!
Child 1 is home from school today since he's coughing like a 2 pack a day smoker and is napping at 9 am?! And sweet little Child 3 is sitting staring at me covered in his own boogers. I'm thinking today might be a good day to clean....a LOT.
On another note.......we're having mattress issues. Our new mattress was delivered last Saturday and The Hubbs and I have a difference of opinion. Weird, I know. He seems to feel that we could bounce quarters off of our new bed and that this is a bad thing. Where I am just happy for a surface that isn't the floor or our old mattress that crippled me, to catch my 20 minutes of zzzzz's a night! According to the retailer, we have 2 weeks to decide if it's the one for us. If not, we can pay a nominal charge to switch mattresses again. So let the count down begin! I'm pretty sure that at this point in my life, I could sleep standing up. So I'm sure he'll "win" and we'll end up trying out at least one more mattress. But after reading the Twilight series along with every other tween girl(what?! It was a good read!) and um....having my daughter around for 2 1/2 years....I'm thinking becoming a vampire might actually suit me! I've always had a funny feeling about Child 2. Even when she was still in my belly, there was something different about her. She's wise beyond her years and has a frightening relationship with meat. Basically, I'd rather rip a hot meal out of a rabid mountain lion's mouth than get in between Child 2 and a slab of meat. This is why I waited until she fell asleep at the table last night! I wouldn't dare suggest she leave any bacon behind. Anyway, back to the vampire thing. It would be cool. I wouldn't have that whole tired-all-the-time thing going on and being up all night wouldn't bother me one bit! And I like meat just as much as the next guy. So it's all good. I'm not even sure anyone would even notice. I'm so pale this time of year, if you look closely enough, you can actually watch the blood flow through my veins. Sexy, I know. The Hubbs is one lucky guy ;)
On that note, I'm off to clean a bit. Good news is Child 3 is no longer covered in his own snot. Bad news: I now have to change my pants after he wiped his face on them. Guess I'll do some laundry too! Maybe I'll work on my "Muah Ha Ha" laugh....Dracula did that right? Or was that the Count Chocula? Eh....whatever...I don't want to be that scary anyway.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This could very well be added to my tattoo collection!

Today's Chuckle

Well since my night didn't end up so great, and I was awoken by the shrieks of Child 2 on this lovely morning, I have made the decision to stay in my jammies all day. Not that it makes me feel better by any means. But it's kind of my "flipping off the world today" attitude. And much more conducive than walking around with my middle finger waving in the air all day. My hair is a mess, no make up. Big comfy brown slippers. Blue and green floral pj bottoms, a very old green T-shirt, and an even older....too robe. I know I sound incredibly color coordinated, right?! Wrong. All the greens are off a bit. Enough to almost make you want to have a seizure when you look directly at me. At least that was the look on the face of our PSE&G guy that gently tapped on our front window this morning to read our meter. Poor guy. He's really nice too. I was kind enough to spare him the obstacle course that is my living room and basement. I ran (ok,kind of slipped) down the basement stairs to get the reading off the meter to tell it to him. When I opened the front door, he looked like he wanted to ask if everything was alright, but instead averted his eyes to his keypad thingy and mumbled "have a nice day" when he walked briskly away from the house. Funny thing is, it's usually the two very large barking dogs that scare him once a month! So I'm feeling mildly powerful right now! And thinking of hiding in the bushes for the mailman later just to make me giggle again :)
I took the time this morning to put a bra on before venturing downstairs. Otherwise I'd imagine that poor meter man would be handing in his resignation this afternoon. Goes to show you a bad day for me can turn into a lucky day for someone else!

When life gives you lemons.............

.......shove them in your ears so you can't hear my daughter screaming. Good Lord. She woke up(and subsequently woke ALL of us up) at 12:30am. Yep that's what time MY day started today. Jealous yet? She makes's very hard to describe but if it's not THE most annoying noise in the world, it's a close second. Well, she woke up at 12:30 making this noise which of course woke up her brothers(unavoidable with the whole shared room thing-----WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?!?!) I attempted to calm her down, but when she gets in this mood, she refuses to answer questions like, "what's wrong?" or "are you hurt?". I held her. She chilled out for a bit. Long enough at least for me to calm her baby brother with a bottle and climb back into my own bed and almost fall asleep. Then she started up again. Waking the boys, again. I tried letting it go a bit, probably out of pure laziness if I'm being honest with myself, but you see the girl is more stubborn than me and my husband combined. I do wonder sometimes why we decided to procreate. We might be the two most thick headed people on the planet!? Deductive reasoning would dictate that at least ONE of our kids would be like us....or worse. Ugh. So "the noise" which escalates into screaming eventually, continued for 3 hours. Did I mention she was stubborn? Yeah. I brought her in our bed. That was fun. I was trying to give the boys a little break from the noise, but the whole 3 feet across the hall didn't offer the silence I'd hoped. She threw an all out fit here. Kicking. Screaming. Making "the noise" even louder. Oy vey. After trying about 32 different tactics, The Hubbs finally scooped her up around 3am and brought her to our spare bedroom/playroom downstairs. Where her shrieking managed to wake up the baby one more time from an entirely different level of the house. Impressive. I felt bad for The Hubbs. But, I'm pretty sure he could feel me shaking from rage and lack of sleep and even though he had to work in the morning, he sacrificed a little discomfort for an ounce(or the hope that an ounce would regrow itself during R.E.M) of sanity for me. Today is one of those days that I'd give my left arm up to go to WORK even though I'd be dead on my feet. So I don't feel too bad for him. Staying home with 3 exhausted kids, 2 that are sick(the they have man-colds like their Daddy), and one very sleep deprived Mommy does not make a wonderful combination. It's not even 10am here. Things are going alright, all things considered. But I threw a movie in to occupy the kids. The creative side of my brain needs sleep. Imagine THAT?! So I'm having trouble coming up with any other constructive ways to occupy them. This will have to do for now. Lest the screaming or "the noise" begin again.
I have planned a few things for later like, snack time and afternoon lockdown.
I personally can't wait for either!
I'm thinking during the latter, I might even snort a pot of coffee down my gullet in record time.
Call Guinness!!!