Friday, May 6, 2011

Why do I feel every post should be called....."True Story"??

So I had a horrible day......nothing major. Just bad.
BUT.........the actual story comes  into play when I was driving to the grocery/liquor store this evening. heh heh WHAT?!?!?!  "The Babysitter" graduated from college today......HUGE accomplishment for her :) And I only wish that I'd remembered this a day earlier because I was forced to pick up store bought baked goods. UGH!!! You know this is a knock to my "professional" baking front. She is a gluten free character.......not strictly, but should be, so I bought some stuff just for her! It was surprisingly yummy for being in the frozen section!!!
Anyway, my day was mainly spent in the Ragiing Rhino...driving Child 1 to and from school, then the Hubbs to and from a doctor's appointment, and later, to and from an MRI appointment all the while towing un-napped kids.  SHOOT. ME. NOW.
So my day end a nearing..........and I'm off to the grocery store/liquor store pre blaring.........bee flying through my open window......landing on my corroded artery....stinging while I'm driving.
Now I can't help but laugh while I'm typing this. Because this seriously happened..and doesn't sound reasonable at ALL.
I can't turn my head to the left.
Five hours later.
My misery today will be posted at a later date.
Take joy in the fact that I shared my personal misery with you today.
It was a 50/50 shot that you'd hear it :)