Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Have I Been??

No really? Why is it that I feel like I just posted on here? Time flies when you have little ones, I suppose. March has been a wickedly busy month for us so far. In a good way. And quite frankly, I can't even believe it's almost over?! How does that happen??? My last post was sharing a link to my friend's blog. But the one before that was almost 2 weeks ago! I had mentioned how The Hubbs and I haven't really had any time(over the past 4/5 years) to concentrate on just us. And it was time to turn that around a bit. And that Friday( I think), we went out on a date. It was a total surprise to him! Which is basically what I LIVE for. I'm totally one of those people that wishes I had billions of dollars to get everyone around me exactly what they want......the search for the perfect present is one I love. Anyway, I set it up with our friend that she would come by once the minis were already in bed, because.....well....isn't that just easier on everyone involved? I love this girl dearly. And we are very fortunate to not have to pay for our sitters! Oh don't you worry....I feed them well :) And this one person in particular, has become family to us. WHICH by the way, is a double edged sword. Where I trust her with my kids, my dogs, my house and everything else........she's also become a staple at our family gatherings and parties!!! SO, when it comes to needing someone to watch the kids when we're going out with all our friends/family, we're screwed because our sitters are right there partying with us! LOL  Eh, the hassle of finding someone else to watch the kids is totally worth the friendships we've built over the past couple of years. SO, it was dinnertime here and I was serving up a "gourmet" DiGiorno frozen pizza for the kids and The Hubbs was giving me a sideways glance like..."where's my food?". So I kind of had to bust the surprise at that point so he knew he would indeed be eating sometime in the near future. Kids fed, check. Baths, check. Shower for me and clean clothes put on, check. EYE MAKEUP(oh yeah baby!!!), check. This was a date after all! Kids in bed, check. Sitter over, check. Her approval of my outfit(yep.....I SO need this these days!), check. And out the door we went to a little BYOB Italian restaurant that my sister-in-law gave us a gift certificate to back in November for our birthdays. We picked up a bottle of wine for us, and one for the sitter for when we got home so we could all hang out. When we were seated, I have to tell you honestly, I almost felt giddy about us being on a date. We have gone out before since having kids, but I'm usually pregnant or something. This time was just different. We ate like pigs KINGS and stuffed ourselves like we couldn't even believe. We had no problems polishing off two appetizers, salads, 1/2 of our entrees(doggy bags ROCK), the bottle of red and about 14 glasses of water! I insisted on dessert. Solely for the fact that I didn't have to bake it and um.......I LOVE dessert! Can we say lava cake?! YES!!! And much to our surprise, the waiter brought over complimentary shots of Sambuca for each of us. Wow! Now THIS was a date we could appreciate. Food, glorious food, and drink! As we were waiting for the check, secretly wishing we could unbutton our top buttons without strange looks from other restaurants goers, I text the sitter to let her know we were settling the bill and would be home soon. To which I got the response "Home? Go enjoy your date night! Go dancing the night away!". Can you see why we love her so much?! She was at our house studying for a report she had to write for college. To which I attribute her temporary amnesia of who she was talking to............we don't dance. Clearly her brain was fogged with college stuff(such an overachiever) and after I responded "dancing? US?", she came back with "silly me.....go to a bar and go shot for shot..IT'S DATE NIGHT!" She's the best! However, those days are long gone and instead we chose to come home and hang out with her over a few drinks. She tried to bolt out the door so we could have "alone time" but we assured her that would only lead to more work for her in the end if another kid were to come of it! Needless to say, she stuck around for a few drinks and some deep(and not so deep) discussion. We have a little running joke that she's never left our house before 1am. But I'm pretty sure even on the nights where none of us could tell time, she's right! Anything before 1am is too early when with good friends anyway.
Ever want someone to just be around you all the time? Yeah, it's like that. We are truly lucky for the people around us.
In the interest of this not being the longest post EVER......I'll write a part 2.

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