Monday, April 4, 2011

Now I'M Pacing!!!!!!!!!

Okay Okay Okay.......without any fancy wording....or fun story.......
The Hubbs handed his email over to me right before leaving for work. It was from the HR rep at Abbott Labs and here is what it said:

Hello Hubbs,(ok so it said his name....WHATEVER read on)

Are you available tomorrow morning at 8:00 am PST?  I would like to move forward with a contingent verbal offer.  If not, please feel free to suggest an alternate time.

and then he LEFT for work!!!!!!!  So I've been pacing ever since. ALONE! Until over Facebook chat I somehow convinced my Dear Friend AND babysitter mentioned in previous posts to come over and bring her sister with HER three kids!


Having all of them did wonders for all of my pent up nervous energy, that's for sure. But now I sit here drooling typing this and wondering how I'm going to make it up the stairs for bed tonight? And once I get there....will I actually be able to sleep? 
Only time will tell.
The above mentioned 8am phone call won't actually happen HERE in Jersey till 11am SO...tick tock tick tock.

More to follow tomorrow :)


  1. Expecting a phone call around 9:30 my time!!!!!!!!!!!! :)