Thursday, April 21, 2011

buzz buzz buzz

There are literally 1743 things buzzing through my head right now....not a one of them that I can grab hold of long enough to actually focus on though. UGH.
The Hubbs hasn't given his 2 weeks notice yet. The new company has been running all the background checks and what not, and a start date was to be determined once everything had officially been cleared ie: when they found out The Hubbs is NOT a crack head or addicted to crystal meth or anything. That's all been done and the new boss announced to him today that the first round of training in California starts on May 2nd! WHAT THE?!?!?! (Insert expletive here________) Any guess what came out of MY mouth?! I'm sure you guessed it. Now as I mentioned before, The Hubbs hasn't given his notice to his current employer. And, just to get technical here, two weeks from today is May 5th. Just sayin'. And the first round of training goes for three California. Which just so happens to fall in the same month as Mother's Day and the start of BBQ season! The new boss did say that maybe they could push the training back for him another week so it would start on the 9th instead! But that was a big maybe and only because The Hubbs has 10 years experience in this field. Now more than ever, I feel suffocated. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for the move. But the training is the LEAST exciting part of all this. Parenthood is hard enough when there are two of you. I seriously don't know how single parents pull it off. I did this last summer and it wasn't fun. So I have some anxiety issues about being left for weeks at a time again. Throw on top of that....the house needs to be sold........and weeded through before I can pack it up.....then packed have to be sold....I NEED to have a garage sale desperately....oh.....and I should probably find us a new place to live in Colorado?! Yikes! All this with 3 minis running circles around me? Well, if I ever get on this blog again, it should make for a pretty interesting post or two! That's for sure.
I've already informed The Hubbs that I will be taking a few "girl's nights" over the next two weeks since I'm going to be trapped at home held against my will unable to get away when he's gone. The first one is tomorrow night :) with "the babysitter" and her 170 pound puppy Baloo. I'm going to the sanctuary that is her house for some quiet, calm, focusing time over a few beers and some good conversation! She's a very positive force in my life. She has a great outlook on things and is already checking into airfares to Colorado to come visit :) Love her!
Shit......maybe I'll even bring a lavender scented candle and one of those eye gel masks. We'll pretend it's a spa night...but with beer!
#1744 floating around my head right now>>>>>>Why don't spas have beer?
Accompanied by
#1279-How the HELL did I spend $150 at Walmart on Easter basket "filler" yesterday??
#317-What am I going to make for dinner?
#600-Did I shower today?
#1801-Should I go buy boxes right now? #1802-It couldn't hurt to start packing right?
#5-Weird that this pain showed up in my neck as soon as The Hubbs told me when his training class starts.

SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh my goodness! good luck girl! i so wish i was closer so that i could help (with packing or sanctuary creating or mini watching or all three). good luck!

    this packing list has helped me a bunch.
    i think that #ing the boxes is a huge help when it comes to unpacking. and the colors are great if you have people helping you move (which honestly is foreign to us...but that's another story, humph). hang in there! deeeep breathes!!! you can do this and i think when you land in colorado a real full out day at the spa is in order! (go someplace that has beer!) xoxoxo

  2. I'm with bethie. Have a notebook that is your packing list. Have a corresponding number on the box and in the notebook write the number and all of the contents. Be detailed. It will be a great way to weed through stuff. Pack 2 boxes a day starting Monday, leaving only the bare necessities. Let me know where you want to live and I can start doing some rental scoping on this end. AND DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE! This will all be worth it when you are waking up to the mountains and that beautiful Colorado air and sunshine every morning...