Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whoops....sorry about the delay!

HA! I suck. I'm sorry I didn't have a follow-up post! I actually thought I had posted?! Clearly, my mind is going in a million different directions....none of which seem to be FORWARD!

Here's the long and short of it.
They verbally offered The Hubbs the job. The written offer was emailed and another copy is being FedEx'd to the house. They did offer a little less than we would like. So now negotiations will begin. But really only minor negotiations about salary. From here, they require a background check, DMV check, and drug test. We were told those take about 2 weeks. Once those are all cleared, they will discuss a start date and how much notice will be given to the current company. It's pretty the bag. Which hasn't really hit either one of us yet. I mean, we are excited. And nervous. But in a good way.

~~I guess when you dream about something for so long, and it finally comes to fruition, it's hard to accept that it's reality at that point.~~

Now all the planning and decision making is coming into play. Sell or rent this house? Where exactly in CO should we rent? (there are a few variables here) Dates? There are 12 weeks of training that come along with taking this position. Six of which will be in California. So the minis and I would probably stay East for the majority of that. So our summer will probably be a NJ one.

Obviously, none of this is written in stone because The Hubbs hasn't actually accepted any offer. There is one major thing that could happen here. It is very possible that his current company could offer a counter-offer. The Hubbs had mentioned to his immediate supervisor and the supervisor in the Western territory that he would like to be considered if a position were needed in the CO region. The supervisor out there had said that it was a possibility in the future! So there's always that.

We sat down over a few drinks last night and wrote some Pro/Con lists about the house and the companies. The one thing we did realize from doing this, was that we didn't have the need for a CO vs. NJ list. There is only one thing in NJ for us. And that's our family. Which we love dearly and will miss terribly! But which we also know wants us to be happy no matter what. We will all adapt to Skype conversations with the kids and extended visits back to NJ with big BBQs and parties just because. While this is hard for us to swallow, and for all of them also, it's what we want more than anything and it's ok to chase your dreams!

So away with you Catholic Guilt that's been ingrained in us since we were wee little ones!!!!

We deserve to be happy!


  1. Yes you do deserve to be happy! And I am so so happy for you!

  2. HOOORAY! you so do deserve to be happy! and I totally get how hard it is to be away from family but you will come home and have big barbque's and fun times. growing up in colorado sounds amazing. just amazing! fingers are crossed! i know it will work out exactly as it should.

  3. <3 Thank you ladies!! Love you both :)